Vertical Container Gardening

Vertical Container Gardening

Container gardens allow people who don’t have the space, time or energy for a full garden to still nourish their green thumb and grow beautiful flowers. Container gardens can look beautiful on a rooftop, on a busy city stoop, on a patio or deck and even mixed in with your regular garden.

Plants are easy to grow in containers and are a versatile way of creating a colorful garden. Containers are great because you can move your plants around to create different effects. If one plant isn’t doing well, or the bloom season has passed, simply remove it and replace it with another container. You can arrange your containers in a group, line them up or strategically place them singly around your yard or patio. Either way, you’ll love this simple way to create a garden oasis anywhere you want.

You can use most anything for a container, but be sure it has good drainage. Try old bowls or antique urns. If there is no drain hole, be sure to include lots of rocks on the bottom of the container. Terra cotta pots are nice but tend to absorb water which can cause your plants to dry out - if you do decide to go with these pots, you can paint the inside with a special sealer to prevent this. Always try to get a matching saucer or use a special plate or drip basin for your containers as this will save your deck or patio from getting stained or rotting.

Always use a good quality potting mix in your containers. This will ensure the best performance possible from your plants.

When planting in containers, be sure to use a good potting mix that has fertilizer appropriate for the plant you will be planting. Do not overcrowd the plants in the pot - remember that with proper care they will grow into the pot and you don’t want them to be overcrowded because they may start to look unhealthy. Be sure to keep your container plants watered but do not over water. Plants in containers can dry out very easily so you will probably have to water every day and fertilize every month.

When planning your container garden you want to be sure to have plants of varying heights as well as shapes and textures. Any setting will look better with taller plants in the back and lower ones in the front. Using annuals that bloom all year will keep your pots looking fresh and beautiful, but don’t forget to add in some nice greenery as well.

It’s best to decide ahead of time where you want your containers to be positioned, and then buy plants that suit the situation. It won’t do to buy sun loving plants if the container is going to be in the shade for they will not do well. Also be aware that some plants have large root systems and are not suitable for container planting.

Some great places for container gardens include the patio, deck, driveway and porch. If you have steps leading up to your front door, an attractive container on each one is a great way to welcome your visitors. If there is a lot of space by your front door group a bunch of potted plants off to one side which will be more visually appealing than one plant on each side of the steps. When grouping your plants, always group in odd numbers and make sure to vary the heights and sizes of the pots as well as the plants.

Container gardening is a great because you can limit the amount of plants you have to take care of. If you only want a few then just have a couple of containers but if you can handle more, then go for it. With a little bit of creativity you can create a container garden that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors.