Hydroponic Grow Boxes: Step-by-Step Guide

Hydroponic Grow Boxes: Step-by-Step Guide

It's not difficult to get started with one of our hydroponic grow box or grow kits. You just need to follow a few basic steps. We've outlined them for you below.


  1. Soak seeds for 3-6 hours.
  2. Put sponge cubes to the water, squeeze out the air, soak for two hours, then washed them twice with water.
  3. Place the sponge cubes in the cups and put the seeds into the sponge, 2-3 mm in depth.
  4. Put the planting cups into the bottom of the tank, pour the appropriate proportion of nutrient solution, the level of nutrient solution is about 2 cm
  5. Put the planting box into the sunny place, the seeds will grow leaves after about two weeks, then transplanted seedlings can be started.
  6. Remove the planting cup, pour the prepared nutrient solution, water level as shown.
  7. For the buoy, the green position is safe area, the red position is alert area, that you need to add nutrient solution
  8. After the plant grows, the level of nutrient solution should be reduced, which is beneficial to plant growth.


    • With this system, the plants need at least 4 hours of light per day.
    • If any of these plants die, be sure remove the plant and its roots immediately.

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