Smart Watering Kit for Arduino with Pump and Moisture Sensors

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Never forget to water your plants again! The Smart Watering Kit is a smart plant monitoring system that's easy to use and has unlimited applications for hydroponics or other gardening projects. The kit includes a pump, soil moisture sensors, water valves to redirect the water to up to 4 plants and pipes for the water to go through. When you power up the board after uploading the program, the board uses 4 soil moisture sensors to determine the soil moisture levels. The board will then send commands to the water valves to open specific channel for specific plant that needs water currently (up to 4 plants at once).

After watering is complete, the controller will stop the pump, close the water valve and continue to check for when your plant needs water. It’s possible to make it even smarter with light sensor so, for example, the plant will not be watered at night or with rain sensor.  So if it's raining, it won't water the plants. The smart watering kit is based on Crowduino Smart pump shield which is included with the kit.

The Smart Pump Shield is a brand new one-of-a-kind shield that allows to build projects with ease and eliminate the need of jumpers, breadboards, mess and complexity. The smart pump shield, originally developed for smart watering kit allows to connect multiple sensors including humidity sensor, light sensor, rain sensor and soil moisture sensors. it provides 5 relays that can be controlled separately by pins or by integrating the interfaces. 4 relays can control 4 channels water switch directly and the 5th relay can control a pump, all by Crowduino interfaces for ease of use. The board also provides 12v input that split between the board and the modules, and the support provides the modules 5v input to eliminate the need for a separate power adapter.

The shield can be used for various projects including, but not limited to, smart watering system, smart home, vending and drinking machine, cocktail mixer and so on.


  • Eliminates the need of messy jumpers and breadboards
  • Control the relays both with Crowduino interfaces and with normal ones
  • The board is not limited to crowduino only.
  • Power the board with single 12V power supply, no need separate power supply for Arduino.
  • 6 interfaces for sensors, one interface for water switch and one interface for motor or pump.
  • On-board power switch to control the power.


    Weight: 900g
    Size of the box: 25cm x 19cm x 5.7cm
    Length of water pipe: 5m.
    Length of 3 pin crowtail cable: 50cm.

In the package:

    Crowtail- soil moisture sensors x 4
    Crowtail- smart pump shield x 1
    5.5M water pipe x 1
    DC 12V adapter x 1
    DC12V Four-Way Valve x 1
    Water pump x1
    50cm 3 pin crowtail cable x4
    Arduino not included.